About Us


Incorporated in the year 2000, Ozomac Aluminium Products Limited has its core business undertakings in the manufacture, fabrication, distribution and installation of all aspect of Aluminium products in the building industry. It is a part of the larger Ozomac Group with specialty in Aluminium/Roofing products. Our major thrust in handling our clients’ orders is security of their hard earned money and provision of care and efficient services. Our service orientation is premised on integrity and service.

We are best in long span Aluminium roofing sheets, Corrugated Steptiles, Aluminium Doors and Windows, Partitions Roller shutters among many others. Ozomac Aluminium Products Limited also engages in sales of Aluminium coils such as Oven Baked and Stucco Mills, as well as Aluminium Profile for doors and windows fabrication. We also undertake the corrugation of Aluminium Coils for other Aluminium trading companies in or factories in Abuja, Enugu and Onitsha.

At Ozomac Group Abuja office, the Ozomac Aluminium Products Limited and its sister company, General Roof Technology Limited have installed the cutting edge Technology for the manufacture of Galvanized steel beams, rafters and purlins for stronger and more durable roofing skeletons for warehouses, residential and religious buildings etc. This new innovation is being handled by our expatriate staff that are highly experienced and dedicated in this new area. The Galvanized steel structures have wide advantages over its wooden counterpart because it never sags, not attacked by termite nor weather. It is everlasting and most of all, it is fire proof.

Our Engineering sister company, Ozomac Engineering Company Limited is currently using these new galvanized steel structures in one of its sites in Enugu, Enugu State. Though relatively new, the galvanized steel roofing structures are gaining unprecedented patronage by both government and individual developers.

In Ozomac Group also, the General Roof Tech Limited which specialized in stone chip coated roofing tiles has successfully combined the new galvanized steel roof skeleton with its stone chips coated tiles to create awesome revolution in roofing business. This combination worked out so perfectly not only because the stone chip coated tiles are durable, it is economical and come in variety of exciting colours. And most importantly, the stone chip coated tiles’ installation is easy and can last for almost eternity.

We have handpicked our staffs both expatriates and Nigerians to ensure that our clients’ jobs are handled by experts while our services are provided by experienced, friendly and helpful people. Employment and retention of skilled professionals is key to us.